Luminar AI is per device pricing?




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    Kate Williams

    Hi Ian,

    Please note that the default number of devices is 2, and the default price is the one for 2 devices, as it was with Luminar 4.

    However, we discovered that a lot of our customers actually don't need that second activation because they use only one computer. We frequently received requests for extra discounts from such customers since our Luminar 4 licenses were designed for 2 computers.

    Therefore, we've added an option for one device and it was made cheaper. Not vice versa. 

    Instead of purchasing an extra seat, you can always reset your license counter in order to activate Luminar on a different computer if you have already exceeded the limit.

    Reset buttons are available for each product you own in the My Software tab. Click Activations > Reset all activations. 


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    I think that you are missing the point that Ian was making.

    If I want to use this on my home PC or my work Laptop or my personal Laptop - because of where I am and what is convent at the time but not run this one multiple platforms at once - I should be able to.

    I can understand not wanting to make this openly available for people to use without purchasing - but there should be some way that it can check in with the "mother-ship" to see if there is a separate instance running or not.

    The lack of this feature is slowing down my decision to purchase.  I am not always editing on the same system, I may work on my home PC or my work laptop (which runs faster then my home PC) or my wife's Macbook Pro.

    I have other programs (DXO for example) which does not care if I loaded it on multiple systems.

    My Adobe Photoshop Elements doesn't care ether.

    Perhaps this is the wave of the future, but I am not a fan of this.

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    Helga Rowles

    Hi Member - We do understand that the majority of customers who use Luminar on several devices, don't use the app on these devices at once. 
    As my colleague mentioned, we offer a possibility to reset the activation counter back to zero in the Skylum account. This may work for you if you switch between your devices rarely. E.g. if you only use your personal laptop when you're traveling. However, if you plan to switch between devices rather often, resetting the activation counter each time may be cumbersome, so purchasing a 2-seat device would be a more convenient option.

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