Getting Acquainted with Luminar AI



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    Roy Blackwell

    Jim Nix also has a series of tutorials describing various features of Luminar AI. Currently up to six in the series.

    Side Note: Gary uses Windows version and Jim uses Mac version.

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    Christopher Curtis

    I agree that it can be confusing to disentangle what is confusion and disappointment because the new software is not the same as the old and what is confusion and disappointment because things are not working correctly. Unfortunately, there are problems with both aspects of the Luminar AI launch. It’s been sold very hard as the cutting edge of photography that will do everything for you, quicker and easier than ever before,  and many people have found that’s just not true.  Quite a few folks have found that it makes things worse for them. Some customers are not reasonable, but, you know, the customer is always right. In my opinion Skylum should have been more focused on painstakingly and honestly describing what the new software would and would not do and how to do it, instead of trying to build a picture of something close to miraculous and how wonderful it would be.

    It’s important to realise that Skylum pay their affiliates. If you Google around, you can find out that this adds up to millions over recent years. 

    I’m not saying anything about the integrity of the people who make Youtube videos or write blog posts, and agree that some of the material is informative. Most of them are up front about being affiliates, but they are in a contractual relationship with Skylum and, if I understand it correctly, earn money when people click through to try or buy Skylum software. They have an incentive to be entirely positive about the software.

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