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    Helga Hufflepuff

    Hello Marc,

    LuminarAI doesn't have a dedicated watermarking tool, but there is a workaround for adding a watermark in LuminarAI . Go to the Augmented SkyAI tool located in the Creative tab, simply click on the dropdown menu to choose an object to add, then scroll all the way down to Load Custom Image as shown here:

    You can also add a watermark as a texture using the Local Masking tool, see the screenshot: 

    This way, you will be able to apply watermarks to your photos.

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    marc legay

    Hello Helga Egilsdottir,

    You are still answering the same answer to similar post but it doesn't work:
    - Augmented Sky AI: it's not possible when there is no sky on the picture and you don't necessary want to put the watermark in the sky....
    Texture: doesn't work as well as the texture is put in the center of the picture and you can't reduce it as much as you want. 
    I'm sorry but today the workaround are not applicable and doesn't match the capability offered with the Image Layer. 
    Please reconsider your position

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    Skipper Jack

    I'd rather see the engineers focus their limited time on adding more important missing features and fixing annoying bugs. Watermarking frankly is not core to the application. The local mask with a png is a good enough workaround. If you really want an easy and flexible watermarking solution, you can do a lot more with ImageMagick as a last step of your workflow. Honestly since I started using ImageMagick to batch watermarking my images, I haven't even bothered to deal with LR or PS.

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