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    Austin Miller

    Hello Andreas.

    The performance usually depends on the hardware.

    Could you please provide us with your complete system summary:

    • Press the Windows logo key + R.
    • Type msinfo32 in the dialog box that opens and hit Enter on your keyboard. 
    • In the window that opens, make sure you have System Summary highlighted on the left.
    • Click File > Export.
    • Type the name of the file (you can choose any you like), save it somewhere where you can easily find it, and attach this text file to your reply to this email.

    N.B. The links are clickable and show the screenshots that can guide you, if necessary.

    Here is the video tutorial on how to retrieve your system info     

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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    Andreas Epmeier

    Hello Austin,

    this files from may main PC. I have no mouse problem on an fresh clean installed Windows 10 with only standard drivers. But that is useless. After installing all hardware drivers and update the system and only install Luminar AI, the problems begin.

    And I can reproduce the chromium engine bug in chrome browser and Microsoft edge browser. The problem iss fixed after deactivating the hardware acceleration in the browser. This is well documented on the Microsoft support community and other communities.

    I send the files with the mail.



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    Slow Luminar AI seems to be a common theme.  So I'm going to explain what I encountered and the workabout.  To start, this is my rig in general:  Dell, solid-state-drive 512 gb (400 gb free), 16 gb ram, and i-7 quad-core at 2 ghz.  Not top tier state of the art, but not a shabby system and exceeds their requirements.  Yet, I was experiencing lagging at times over a minute when making edits, exporting taking several minutes.  It was apparent that this would occur when I was well into an edit and had changed several features.

    And here's the problem, basic economics and a business wishing to profit.  They load this software with so many options, IT'S THE SELLING POINT.  Don't get me wrong, I greatly enjoy the options.  But now you change one feature, and the next, and the next and so forth.  Now the system has to keep all this in memory so that you can switch back and forth in case you change your mind,  For the selling price point and the amount of engineering they've put into this, doing all of this is too much!  They absolutely know this flaw,  I know they know, because they keep responding to all these too slow complaints here.  Always just brushing it off that it could be due to several factors, I'm so sorry, giving some cheesy recommendations, and that they'll look into it more.  What the hay, it's America and there's a sucker born every minute.

    Also, the price point, supposedly $79 but they give a break, so now it's $47, again it's a selling point.  I actually got it for $37; in case you didn't know practicallly all software has discount codes, you can find them if you Google for it.  The software offers a lot at this price point, you'd be hard pressed to beat.  But keep in mind if this is what you want and you're not working professional level, then a compromise must take place.

    So not professional, wanting lots of options, not wanting to break the bank or over invest in something I'm going to use occassionally.  Here's my compromise.  Work the photo until you're satisfied with it to a point.  If it starts slowing up, export it.  Then restart the session with the new saved photograph.  A new session!  Don't continue editing with the old photo, it'll just bog up more.  And just keep doing that until you're done.  You may have 2-5 photos depending on how eleaborate you're wanting to go with your edit and which features you choose.  Keep in mind, that the issue is running memory.  You load too many photos, well guess what?  You'll get the same slowing. Work one pic at a time, it's a cheap system, REMEMBER THAT!

    Again, options, price point, compromise.  OR GO GET PHOTOSHOP AND QUIT YOUR GRIPING.  Enough of these posted complaints, they will lose sales, they will utlimately find a solution.  But for now choose, compromising here or upgrading to an actually good and pricey software;  champagne tastes on a beer budget, beggers can't be choosers, expensive is cheap and all those other good cliches.

    I hereby christen thee (tapping my sword on each of your shoulders), THE ENLIGHTENED ONE

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    Andrew Paget

    Hmmm. :-) I see this post as made it as a reply to many of the users expressing their disappointment in this particular version of the software, kind of another templated / stock reply(?). To which some refer to as, rather agitating. 

    To address the penultimate paragraph here, including the SHOUTY wording :-), it should be noted that many of us are in fact are already using adobe products, in any case and speaking for myself, I do in fact use their whole Suite. I, for one, did mention this in my post above, maybe that was overlooked (?)

    For lots of us, its not about saving money, we don't mind spending money, we have willingly spent money, but, if products we're spending money on, are really not matching up to their purported advertising (for example), then, it is human nature to, as you say in your post, for any of us to get "GRIPING" and we're unlikely to, again as you say in your post, "QUIT", until our issue is resolved.

    Speaking only for myself then, as my post clearly states, I actually purchased Luminar Flex (remember that version all that way back?), it was pretty good. Then I purchased Luminar 4...again, pretty good and improvements made on the previous. So, now, imagine my disappointment then at Luminar AI...the same disappointment as many others, and like some of them...I am three versions in. Clearly showing I am not fussed about spending money, up to now have been loyal to the product and up to now, have not been compelled to complain about (any) shortcomings (any) of the versions I have purchased and used.

    To conclude and again referring to your closing paragraph. Firstly, making complaints. Without users making complaints, no business can improve their product, so stopping would actually be counterproductive. By accepting and examining "complaints" (user issues and experiences - ?), yes, they will find a solution...and failure to address either of these is in fact, that which will bring about, loss of sales!

    Politely then, hopefully, it is the developers of the products that will be enlightened.

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