How to Use Face Thin Edit on one face in a group photo?



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    Agatha Winter

    Hi John,

    Having checked with our developers I found out that for now it is possible to apply Faceᴬᴵ edits to all people on photo only.

    I will share the feedback with our team that it would be nice to add this feature, which allows to adjust only 1 person on the photo.

    Meanwhile, we have a workaround for you, but it might be time-consuming.

    1. Please, apply Faceᴬᴵ edits to all the people on your photo and export that photo.

    2. Then open original image in Luminarᴬᴵ > open Local Masking tool here and select Add > Texture: ;

    3. Once you press Add > Texture, you will have the ability to apply a mask. Please, paint over that person you want to apply Faceᴬᴵ edits;

    4, After you apply the mask, select Load Texture ( ) and use the photo you previously exported in Step 1.

    Hope it helps.

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