Why did you close this tread for comment? https://community.skylum.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360010059599




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    Francis Monzée

    Effectively, it's impossible to response at this post.

    If I understand correctly what Elena Blum writes, it's necessary to buy Luminar 4 + Luminar AI to have all the working tools.

    This question is important for me because I already use other softwres (Affinity Photo and ACDSee Ultimate).

    Four softwares are maybe a little too much...

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    d c

    yes exactly we don't want to jump from one to another then another to achieve what we want for final result, it's a burning time method. 

    when i got luminar 4, i discarded luminar 3, because it was doing same and more than luminar 3, so no need to keep it and waist room on my hard drive, but when i got luminar AI i wasn't unable to  discard luminar 4 because i need to go back to 4 to complete some task that is not available in Luminar AI .. 

    So now i will use only on1 software that can do much more than all skylum software togheter , precise, faster and better.

    Stichching , panorama , hdr , quick DAM , fast erase tool... name a function it's there all in on1 software,  even a mobile version for my cell phone.

    If we follow skylum on their thinking we will need a car to go to grocery store , one to go to the beach, one more to go to the church and so on ... when i"m thinking of it ,, this is not a workable path.

    Skylum you didn't listen your valuable and loyal customers.

    I think i was honest and give a pretty good run to skylum by buying all of them  (pc beta, luminar 2018, Aurora Hdr 2018, luminar flex, luminar 3, Aurora Hdr 2019,  Photolemur 3, luminar 4 and Luminar AI) by that time i left on the side my version of on1 2018  and  on12019.. but today i decide to stop losing my time and invest it for the future  and use my refund to from luminar ai to buy on1 2021 for the exact same price. 

    This is a wonderful end of that story.  this was my last post on this community forum . 

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    Elena Blum


    As the Skylum team, we want to help communicators and creative professionals be more successful with the content you create. We know that a traditional approach to photo editing is complex, outdated and time-consuming.

    We created LuminarAI to give you a smart, innovative tool to help save the time you spend on routine image editing tasks. This is a completely different approach to photo editing and we don't want to clone any other application.

    Someone from our support team will be in touch with you as soon as possible and will be glad to help. We're experiencing a very high volume of questions about Luminar Ai so it might take us a bit longer than usual to respond.

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