Networked Catalog / Synced Catalog ? Really need this feature!




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    Kate Williams

    Hi David,

    The trial version of the software is not limited in features. Could you please clarify which features are locked on your end?

    At this time, for better stability and performance of the software, we recommend keeping the Catalog on the internal drive of the computer. The images can be accessed from the Network storage, though, Luminar will work smoother if they are stored locally as well.

    At the same time, you can try out the workflow suggested by my colleague in the thread you've referenced in the original post in order to check how it works for you. The trial version of the software should allow that. 

    Moreover, I'll definitely share your feedback about the importance of this feature with our engineering team. 

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    David Rader

    Good morning Ms. Williams,

    Thank you for your reply! I did find the catalog location. Apparently, I'm too used to lightroom. On my big monitor I didn't realize it was at the bottom of the screen.


    Regarding the current solution for syncing catalog files, that will not work for us. There will just be too many people making edits to need to close/reopen the program. This is unfortunately 100% important for us for our studio to be used on all of the PCS.

    At the end of the day, we're trying to find batch color correcting software that accommodates a multi-user environment. After testing this software, it certainly has some amazing features and we will still by buying a seat or two, but it doesn't seem to be set up for batch-color correcting anyway. I've been searching for about 10 years now, so I will just have to keep on that search lol... The only new software I've found remotely capable of doing this only does basic color correction (we need control over highlight, midtone and shadows as we're a color lab). For now we'll have to keep using the dinosaur software to maximum color control. I guess it's like an old Corvette, still a pretty powerhouse.

    Will definitely be giving this software a shot for our artists however! Can it do full background replacement? I've been testing out the sky replacement which has been amazing, but it stops the background replacement about 3/4 ways down the photo, while portraits may need 100% coverage for the background replacement.

    Thank you very much for your help!!!


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    Kate Williams

    Dear @David,   

    Once you complete the initial setup and add a picture or folder for editing, you will be able to find your catalog via File > Catalog > Show in Explorer. 

    As for your questions: 

    You can apply the Color corrections to one image and then just sync these adjustments between a batch of photos. Here's how: 


    At the moment, the automated background replacement tool is in our backlog of requested features. That said, our plans for the nearest future do not comprise it, but we may consider implementing it in the future. 

    However, you can still change the background manually with the help of layers. 

    You can check how to work with new image layers here: and

    Basically, you add a new image layer, see the screenshot: > adjust the opacity of the new image layer using the slider (see: > click on layer transform (see: to align the layers as you wish. 

    Then, once it's done, click on the Edit Mask button and select a Brush (see:, then paint over the areas where you want this new background to appear. 

    More info about brush mask and its controls: 

    If the original photo has a completely white background, e.g. as here, for instance: - just a random photo I found in Google, you'll be able to use AI Sky Replacement tool to replace this white background. 

    Hope this helps! 


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