An Open Letter toAlex Tsepko CEO of Skylum



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    Kirk Osborn

    We are sorry to hear about your unsatisfying experience. We appreciate your effort in promoting our software and we understand that this situation has been very discouraging.
    As we already mentioned, the beta-version of LuminarAI was offered to a limited circle of our ambassadors and affiliates that have been with us for a long time.
    Becoming an affiliate is a complex process that involves multiple levels of revision, signing NDA, and a lot of other paperwork. As much as we'd love to, we don't have the legal authority to make such decisions and distribute beta-versions of our software to customers who didn't go through all those steps. We hope for your understanding.
    Still, it was our fault that we didn't inform you about the option of becoming an affiliate in time, so please accept our sincere apologies.
    We would still love to have you as one of our affiliates, so if you plan on promoting our products in the future, we would recommend you fill out a registration form here: 
    This will allow you to get your hands on beta-versions of our software products before they are officially released.
    Please note that we tend to keep long-lasting partnerships with our affiliates, and we really appreciate it when our affiliates are actively promoting our products.
    In case you prefer occasional promotions, we would recommend you join our Referral Program: 
    Although this program will not give you access to beta-versions of our apps, you will earn a commission on sales you refer, which may be beneficial for your further promotions.
    Thank you for your time and effort.
    Best regards,

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