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    Elena O'Brien

    Hi Jerry Borsato

    Here's a quick guide on how to install Looks Packs into Aurora HDR 2019:

    • Start Aurora.
    • To import a .maupack / .salpk file click File > Import Aurora HDR Looks Pack > point Aurora to a .maupack / .salpk file and click Open.
    • To import a .maup file click File > Import Aurora HDR Looks  > point Aurora to a .maup file and click Open. You can import multiple .maup files by selecting more than one of them. If you're on Windows, simply place .maup files into a folder that opens after you click File > Show Aurora HDR 2019 Looks Folder.

    Here are the video tutorials that may also be helpful:

    Let me know if there's anything else I can help you with, and have a good day!

    Marco Marrocco thank you for your help!

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    Marco Marrocco

    Hi Jerry,

    If the looks pack is provided as a zip file, you should first unzip it to a folder of your choice; in either case you should end up with a file called [pack_name].maupack or something similar.

    In order to actually install it, you need to open Aurora and then select Import Aurora HDR Looks Pack from the File menu. This is when you point Aurora to the folder where the .maupack file is.

    And...this should be it; you should then see the new looks listed together with the other categories...except that doesn't always happen first try. Usually, if that's the case, closing and restarting Aurora is enough for it to force a refresh of the looks database.

    Hope this helps. Kindest regards,



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