Lightroom or Luminar 4




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    Anastasia Davis

    Hi Tim. Thanks for your questions.

    1. You can sync adjustments with a number of photos. I believe that is the functionality you searched for. Select the edited photo and the ones you want to apply the edits to > right-clcik > adjustments > sync adjustments

    2. You can drag photos to an album, but you can't change the order of the images manually. You can choose from the list of the options (by name, date, type etc).

    3. If you export several images they will be exported with the original file name.

    I will forward your comments to the person in charge so the team could consider your suggestions.


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    I cannot answer your questions but in my own experience I find that both platforms have their benefits. When I'm editing I find myself using both almost all the time. Keep in mind that Luminar 4 can be a plugin for LR/LrC/Ps.

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