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    Alina Skylum

    Hello Jeremy Soto,

    Thanks a lot for taking the time to provide such detailed feedback. We really appreciate your input and we're happy to see you on board.

    Indeed, in LuminarAI we decided to change the direction and concentrate on faster, more creative, and innovative decisions for photo editing. 

    I will make sure to forward your feedback to our developers and Product Team.

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    Jeremy Soto

    I agree that the new/improved tools introduced with Luminar AI create a "faster, more creative, and innovative" workflow in certain areas of post production. But removing features, especially unique features that don't have a direct replacement stifles unique creativity and ease of use. There are looks I created that are particular to my "brand" that I can no longer create or I need to jump through hoops only to get close what I was once able to do with a simple slider. I can not recreate the exact look. The image just looks off/not as pleasing.

    Again, please bring back lost functionality. In the future if Skylum wants to remove functionality, there should be a poll/survey that users can fill out to give their reasons on why they agree or disagree with the removal. Things should not simply be removed with no warning or reasons given.


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    Margaret Bright

    Hi Jeremy,

    I would like to point out that Luminar AI is a separate application and not an upgrade to Luminar 4. It has an entirely new core engine, workflow, and also - new features.

    But in regards to the looks that you have created, we understand that you’d love to use them in Luminar AI. Therefore, we’ll take care of the migration process — you’ll be able to transfer your Luminar 4 looks to Luminar AI and convert them to Templates.

    However, please do keep in mind that since Luminar AI is a brand new product, the results obtained with your Luminar 4 looks may be a bit different in Luminar AI. For best results, you can update and save looks after migrating them.

    Please also note that Luminar AI is not about the features, but about the solutions. That is, the results that you need can be achieved in a faster and easier way. We'd be grateful if you could give Luminar AI a try once it is released. I think that once you get the chance to try the app for yourself, you may find the workflow quite convenient.

    In the meantime, we sincerely appreciate your kind input and have already forwarded your feedback to our developers and Product Team.

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    Michael Källman

    Just some thoughts and wonders: 

    I understand that at least Looks you've created in Luminar 4 will migrate to template versions in Luminar AI IF you have Luminar 4 installed when installing AI.

    1. Does that goes for purchased or 'free' Looks I've got registered in my Luminar 4 interface as well?

    2. When the installation of AI is done I guess I've no need for Luminar 4 any longer and then can un-install it to save some disk space at least. Correct? Not dependent on the catalog from 4 either I might add.

    3. Is there a lot of 'left overs' from Luminar 4 after un-installing from the regular (in my case) Win10 un-installation tool? Or should I go for some more advanced un-installer that might track and delete those as well? Suggestions?

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