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    Kirk Osborn

    Our tech team is doing its best to ensure full compatibility. The compatibility update should be available soon (we expect to deliver it by the end of the next week), so please stay tuned and check for updates.

    Here is a workaround on how to make Luminar 4 work:

    1. Launch Luminar 4.
    2. Click on Luminar 4 > Preferences > Graphics > Use Graphic Processor > Off -
    3. Restart Luminar 4

    This should make Luminar 4 display your pictures correctly.

    Let us know how it goes and have a marvelous day!

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    Stéphane Bommert

    Before asking the question, I read those asked by others. This method doesn't work, sorry. Luminar keeps crashing on 2 different Macs. cordially

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    Anastasia Davis

    Hi Stéphane! In this case, we would kindly ask you to wait for the compatibility update. As my colleague noted above, the update will be released maximum by the end of the week.

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