luminar ai : white-black sliders not inside a button ; separate curve ; wb eyedropper




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    Kate Williams

    Hi Marc,

    I appreciate your detailed feedback and will make sure to share it with our team. 

    There should be Black and White sliders in the Light tool in Luminar AI, however, the Curves will still be a part of the Lightroom. 

    However, please do note that we prefer to forge our own path instead of mimicking other software. If you prefer the RAW develop panel of Lightroom more, we may suggest using Luminar as a Lightroom plugin. You can use all tools you like in LR and invoke Luminar to add a creative touch to the developed image.

    You can do so this way: right-click on an image > Export > Luminar 4 > Edit Copy with Lightroom Adjustments.


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    marc labro

    hello Kate,

    1. why cannot we click several times on images with WB eyedropper until we find a good one ? eyedropper closes at each click

    2. please remove "black and white" submenu with only two strategical sliders. we start with highlight, shadows, black and white !!!

    3. why, based on your ai, don't you provide a AUTO menu in light panel like Lightroom to set all sliders in a good starting point ?

    we have a enhance ai slider which does all things automatically and a light panel where we must do all things ourselves.

    4. i remain convinced that saturation, vibrance and dehaze must be in light panel, even redundant with other panels. These are strategical in raw develop first step.

    best regards


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    Alina Skylum

    Thank you for your comments.

    We will pass them on to the relevant team so they could consider implementing the mentioned functionality in the future.

    Thank you for trying to make Luminar better!

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