Export failure workaround Luminar 4




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    Helga Hufflepuff

    Hello Chris west,

    Thank you very much for sharing the workaround. As far as I understand, you are referring to Luminar 4 incompatiblity with Big Sur, right? We will make sure to ship the updated version once Big Sur is officially released.

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    Egidio Leitao

    That is odd behavior regarding the freezing. I've been using Luminar 4 for almost a year now and have had no issues. I remember many years ago, whenever an app was freezing, it was generally because o corrupt preferences. To solve that, I would trash the plist file for that app and re-start it. Of course doing that trashes all your settings for the app. If Luminar 4 is the only app that is freezing on your Mac, it could be worth trying that approach. If you go that route, just save the plist file before you trash it. Then you can try the trick.



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