Upgrading Ryzen for faster Luminar




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    Anastasia Davis

    Hi Bayu! I would say that the bigger RAM can improve the performance of the app. As for the processor, we cant give you a certain answer. The final answer is what CPU will be more powerful in the end. 

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    Wayne McPike

    Dont bother upgrading your pc. Probably nothing wrong with it. As a luminar 3 unhappy customer, i see the same issues and problems being mentioned over the last 10 days on this forum as all the people on luminar 3 did when that was released. That pretty much says a lot. I have not been on here since those days and gave up on luminar 3 without getting a refund. Download Darkroom and try that. Its free. Luminar 4 is a joke like luminar 3 was ! 

    best way forward is to read the forums for all its issues. If you still wish to try it then buy it. You have 7 days. If after a day or so its not for you then you can always get a refund.

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    Agatha Winter

    Hi Wayne
    We are sorry that you had to go through such a frustrating experience with our software. Please, reach out to our support team via https://skylum.com/support and they will take a deeper look at the issue you've encountered.

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