Photolemur 3.0 refused to work, refused to uninstall & "Repair" doesn't help




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    Kirk Osborn

    Hi. Please contact us via and we will figure something out.

    Could you also confirm that you're trying to process images that have a size of 800x600px or more?

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    HC Loh

    Hello Skylum,


    One more thing ... whenever I close the (Photolemur 3.0) program, this pop-up message will appear. I don't know if this means anything to you. I hope it helps.

    Thank you and I look forward to your reply.


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    James Marriott

    I am having the same issue, I have not used it in months, but when I went to use it today it opened and then crashed with the error HC Loh shared.  I then downloaded the latest version from my account, when i run setup.exe nothing happens, rebooted, ran it again, same.

    I am on Windows 10 v2004


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