How long is it planned to release new versions of Luminar 4?




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    Roy Blackwell

    Skylum has stated support for Luminar 4 will end roughly one year after the release of Luminar AI, which is expected around mid December. Compatibility updates and performance updates may be published during that final year of support.


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    Joan Legaz Pons

    Well, if Luminar 4 dies in just over a year it will have been a hoax, a big lie because they will leave us with a product with many unresolved problems (exasperating slowness in various tools and export, system crash for no apparent reason , problems with many photo libraries ...). What a shame, because he looked like a great editor! I don’t plan on falling back into the trap, so I won’t buy Luminar AI.

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    พี่เสือ (Juergen)

    It would be nice if Skylum tell what exactly will be fixed at Luminar 4 and when it will be fixed. It now nearly 3 month after relaease this broken update 4.3

    - the problem with stuck at splash screen

    - the blurry preview after apply a filter

    - the disappearing thumbnails in the library when scrolling


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    Elena Blum


    Free compatibility and performance updates for Luminar 4 are planned to be shipped for another year after LuminarAI is released. But Luminar 4 will continue to run for many years beyond that (as long as your computer meets Luminar 4’s system requirements).

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    Joan Legaz Pons

    But it is very clear what will happen, it is a consummate fact that you will dedicate all your resources to the new product "Luminar AI", leaving abandoned all those who trusted in their proposal of the "Luminar 4", an unfinished product, with an exasperating slowness and frequent mistakes that make the workflow a torture. If not, it would be good to let us know when the new version will arrive which should fix all the issues detected and reported by the users. And it should also be reported if they plan to stop sending updates within a year, even if the product remains unfinished. I find it a pretty serious comment to just say that the software will continue to work many years later ... I think they should say it will continue to work "wrong" forever more!

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    Darryl Brooks

    They are telling people that the new product will be released in a little over two months, yet it's not close enough to being ready for an open beta or pre-release to affiliates. Do you honestly believe they are devoting any resources to fixing Luminar 4? If you do then just scroll through the years worth of broken promises about Luminar 3. 

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    Tony Puah

    My experience with Skylum isn't great, e.g.

    1. Pre-order early with the promise of DLM (had to wait around 4+ (or more) months before it was released and the functionality was just a simple folder type structure

    2. Problems with Luminar 4 and now having with only 1+ year before it looses support

    3. Now being peppered with emails to pre-order Luminar AI (with a delivery date of around mid/late Dec)

    Skylum - you really need to be clearer on the product map and release date because your "promises" haven't been met. Perhaps you are run by marketing people - sell the sauce, get the money up front and then keep them waiting - well please change this approach.

    It is clear you don't have the capacity/capability to manage multiple products - Aurora HDR, Luminar (3/4/Ai) and god knows what happened to Photolemur? You message about supporting perpetual licence fee and not subscription to me is case of marketing over substance - let's get our customers to pay regularly every 1.5 years for new products (and kill the current one quickly) - might as well just put out a subscription service.

    It is clear that you have a decent product with good features but rather than getting people to move to new products with new UI and processes instead of improving and stabilising the existing features isn't (in my opinion) going to win you more customers.

    Apologies for the rant but just annoyed at being asked to change my Skylum products when I haven't really got the most of it yet.

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    Margaret Bright

    Hi Tony,

    Whether to purchase the new apps that we release - is always up to our customers. 

    We do offer perpetual licenses, that is the version you've purchased can be used for however much time you want. For example, many users are still using Luminar 2018, even though we have released Luminar 3, Luminar Flex, and Luminar 4 since the release of Luminar 2018. 

    We ship new products / versions every 12-24 months. As I mentioned, these versions are optional, but they offer new features, new workflows, new benefits.

    The version you currently own remains functional. Allow me to point this out once more - we're not abandoning Luminar 4, and we still plan to release free compatibility and performance updates for the app. 

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