Usability Issues Luminar 4




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    Helga Rowles

    Hi War,
    The Luminar performance depends on different factors, such as your hardware configuration, catalog size, etc.
    If you want us to look into the issue, don't hesitate to reach us at Please make sure to attach your system summary.  

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    Jose Plaza

    Well, I have a laptop with a good hardware, but zooming in and out takes several seconds for a 15 Mpx tiff file, and even with a 32 Mpx jpg with 10 history items it takes four seconds to refresh the image (having it sharp) when zooming in and out (Image procesing ... label is shown meanwhile).

    It seems that it has to recreate all steps done every time you zoom instead of having the last state (the one you are working) in a cache ...

    At the end, zooming is very slow even with jpgs.

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