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    Alex Tsepko Tsepko

    Hello Robert,

    I’ll be frank. There was not a single week over the last year when the product team didn’t discuss IPTC or EXIF. 

    If I was tracking the words we used most, these two would be in the TOP 10 for sure.

    But here’s the reality.

    When we launched Luminar 3, we made a mistake: we said that our goal was to develop a great Lightroom alternative. Therefore some people have purchased Luminar as a subscription-free alternative to Adobe products. 

    We quickly understood that we’re not in love with that mission statement. Moreover, that idea to make a subscription-free Lr alternative has no value for most artists around the world. The world doesn’t need a cheap Lightroom clone (there are already several companies who make those).

    Our goal is to make something much bigger than just another photo editor. To bring unique solutions to the most challenging problems creative storytellers face.

    There are many photo editing tools out there that look the same, offer the same features (including IPTC & EXIF), and create the same problems. Traditional photo editors take a lot of time, with several manual and repetitive tasks.

    Luminar 3 and Luminar 4 both have excellent tools. They offer great value for customers who use them daily without IPTC or EXIF. Both versions are well worth the money for the simplicity and innovation they bring. 

    We want customers to get Luminar not for the things that already exist in other editors, but for something that others don’t have to offer. And I think you will agree that both Luminar 3 and 4 have a lot of unique tools and solutions to justify their cost. Our goal with Luminar 3 and 4 was to make photo editing easier by using enhanced tools.

    If the traditional EXIF/IPTC support is critical for you, and you don’t see a value in Luminar’s offerings, I don’t want to destroy your peace of mind. We only want folks using Luminar who love it and are excited by what it helps them achieve. The team will offer you a full refund. Please reach out to us with your purchase confirmation. 

    And what about Luminar AI?

    Luminar AI is not a Luminar 4 upgrade. Moreover, it is not another photo editor that you may expect.

    Luminar AI is the alternative to a traditional approach to image editing. 

    Traditional image editing is complicated, time-consuming, and stressful to the majority of us. 

    There are two reasons why IPTC or EXIF are not in Luminar 3, Luminar 4, and will not be in Luminar AI (at least in ver. 1.0)

    1. We don’t like the outdated way these features are implemented in other editors. And we don’t want to simply copy it. Many different photo editors copy each other. I am sure you’ve used many of them.
    2. We don’t (yet) have a clear vision of how these features could be improved to bring more value and enjoyment to our customers. We are actively considering new ways to organize and sort images so you can find the best ones to edit.

     Luminar AI will introduce the new workflow and new features to allow visual communicators to make great photos much faster than in traditional image editors. Luminar AI will give us all a lot of time back. 

    We all currently spend this time on various processes in traditional photo editors. 

    A lot of those processes include messing with IPTC/EXIF the old way. 

    It is not the value that we want to deliver to the artists. 

    When we bring IPTC/EXIF processing to Luminar AI, it will be implemented in a more comfortable, beautiful, and enjoyable manner. It will happen at some point, but we don’t have a timeline yet.

    Right now, we are busy working on other features that will help millions of visual communicators create great photos quickly, without extra stress and headache. You can read about some of these features here: http://skylum.com/luminar-ai.

    I am sorry for the long reply. I know it took some extra time. And time is precious. 

    I am sure you will get some of that time back with Luminar AI.

    Alex, CEO at Skylum

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