Luminar adds weird pattern to exported images




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    Margaret Bright

    Hi Markus,

    We need to be able to reproduce the issue on our end in order to understand at which point it occurs. Could you please get in touch with our support team at

    Please send us an original image and a screenshot of your export settings so that our team could reproduce the issue.

    Here's how you can send us the files:

    1. Visit
    2. If it's your first time visiting this website, it might ask you to purchase a subscription. Simply select to proceed with the free version.
    3. Click Add your files.
    4. Select the file(s) on your computer.
    5. After you see all the files you need to send appear in the list, click the icon to the left of the Transfer button (the icon looks like a circle with three dots in it).
    6. In Send As select Link.
    7. Click Transfer.
    8. After the files have finished uploading, click Copy Link and paste it into your support request.
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    Lenore Denbin

    Skylum always asks so much of us when we need support. Phone support would serve your customers well, but you seem unwilling to do this.

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    Nigel Roberts

    Luminar 4 software will add artifacts and create other problems (like steaking) to your images as you make more and more edits and will eventually make the images unuseable. The support team has no clue about the software and there is a massive disconnect between the developers and the sales/support team.

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    Kate Williams

    Hi Nigel,

    I was unable to find a support request when searching our CRM via your name or email used to create an account here. 

    If you were in touch with our team and haven't received a solution, please don't hesitate to write an email at In the request, please make sure to state the email address that you used to contact support previously. 

    I'd appreciate it if you could follow the steps outlined by my colleague above to provide us with more details about this issue (if they haven't been submitted before, of course). 

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