Luminar AI only 1 seat




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    Margaret Bright

    Hi Miguel,

    Please note that you have the option on the checkout page that allows you to choose how many seats do you like to have:

    Please also note that if you need to have more seats for the app - it’s not a problem. You can purchase more seats in your Skylum Account.

    Go to My Software tab. You will see a button 'Get seats' next to your LuminarAI: 

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    Roy Blackwell

    It is true that there has been a change in policy regarding the number of seats per purchase. As noted, with Luminar AI it is one seat by default, or two seats for an additional 10 dollars. As Margaret indicated, you can go into your account page and purchase additional seats at $10 per seat. I do wish the standard purchase price included two seats by default. That said, I can live with the cost of $10 per additional seat and will purchase another to bring my total to three.

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    Miguel Campos


    I understand that I can purchase additional seats, I did state that in my message. What I see is a continuing reduction of the value provided at the base cost. First it was 5 seats included in the price, then it was two now it is one. 

    You mention "It's not a problem" yes it is as the value offered at the base price continues to be degraded. Good news is that there are other options out there.

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    Darren Ives

    We have 5 seats with Luminar 4. Why would want to pay 30% more for AI, even with the “loyalty discount”, for only 2 seats?

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