Workflow support for Luminar 4 as Lightroom plug-in: how to synchronize some pics




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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Joachim,

    At this time it is only possible to sync adjustments across a series of photos when using Luminar as a standalone. However, you can create a custom Luminar Look and apply that Look to images either individually or via Batch Processing.

    You can find instructions on batch processing here:

    The way I would do it from Lightroom is to right-click on an image you wish to batch process and choose Show in Finder (Mac) Show in Explorer (Windows).

    You can then drag the images you wish to batch into Luminar's batch processing import screen and have the edited files be exported back to the same folder that Lightroom is viewing (make sure you add a file suffix to denote the Luminar version and not overwrite any of your original files.)

    Then, back in Lightroom, right-click on that folder and choose Synchronize. That should bring up the new Luminar edits alongside the originals.

    I hope that helps! Please let me know if I can clarify anything.

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    Egidio Leitao

    Indeed that would be a nice improvement to workflow. I've only done the synchronization when I open the images in L4 directly, not as a plug-in to LR. I'd be curious to find out if anyone has found a way to sync when using L4 as a plug-in.



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    Joachim Kuester

    Hi Egidio,

    let's wait and see ;-)


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