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    Austin Miller

    Hi Richard. I am sorry to hear about the inconvenience you have. We will make sure to fix the issues with the updates as soon as possible. Our team is working around the clock to achieve this.

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    Cheok Ng

    Hi Richard,

    Can you please share what you have done for version 4.3 for stability and functional.




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    Richard Burns

    The first sentence of my previous post pretty well sums it up...."After 4 days of tweaking,. re-installing, jumping through hoops I have finally got the latest 4.3 Luminar to be functional."

    I guess the thing that was the most helpful was to download the update and run it from the computer.  It has and continues to work well however I will NOT install any more updates since the software writers don't seem to have a handle on how to write a windows update.  I don't know if the apple folks are having the same problems.


    R. Burns

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