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    Helena Carter

    Hi Dave,

    Please, follow the steps below in order to reconnect Luminar 4 catalog with missing folder:

    1. Go to the Library tab;

    2. Right-click the missing folder;

    3. Choose Locate Folder from the drop-down menu:;

    4. Find and point to the missing folder.

    Here are the video tutorials that might also be useful:

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    Nigel Roberts

    This doesn't work! Also, I have tens of thousands of photos on 3 hard drives... how am I supposed to find the missing folder if I inadvertently moved it? A folder which may contain 200+ images (all of which may have random numbers as names)? Even when I do find the folder with the original image in it, Luminar DOES NOT recognise it! 
    Why is there not a dedicated Luminar library that contains a copy of the original image (like in Photos or Lightroom)? That way I could move my library around on my hard drive (or even to another hard drive) without an issue. It's basically an app. for amateurs. I quit using it and have gone back to using Lightroom Classic. 
    Also, Luminar degrades images very quickly as editing progresses and changes are made (even with RAW files) and eventually makes them look nice on the screen but terrible when printed. 

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    Alina Skylum

    Hi Nigel,

    Could you please provide me with a full-window screenshot illustrating this issue? 

    Do you notice the exclamation mark in the top left corner of the image? 

    Also, please send us a screenshot of your Catalog file structure at

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