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    Kirk Osborn

    Thank you for your suggestion. Our tech team is currently working on this feature, but we don't have a timeframe of when it's going to be implemented. Please stay tuned.

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    Aaron Carlson

    I want to echo this request. I'm making the transition from Lightroom to Luminar, and while I'm loving the platform so far, simple things like browsing through a large-ish library with small thumbnails can be grueling.

    Toggling between filters and adjustments in high-resolution RAW images, and zooming in to 100%, zooming out, panning, zooming in again can also add a degree of strain, as you're watching that 'Processing...' icon for a good portion of the time.

    I think a lot of time is saved with Luminar's AI-based adjustment features, but some of that time saved is certainly lost waiting for Luminar over, say, Lightroom to do similar work.

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