Can't stand Luminar 4 interface.. Please bring back luminar 3 interface



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    Austin Miller

    Hi Micah.

    The UI of Luminar 4 has been remodified and now, thanks to the new organization of tools into bookmarks in the right Edit panel, it’s easier and faster to find the tools you’re looking for.

    In Luminar 3, there were a lot of small filters (over 45), and adding filters was a complicated and slow process. Workspaces were used to speed it up. In addition, Luminar 3 Workspaces were impossible to use with Looks. Looks always changed the Workspace, which confused users.

    In Luminar 4, bookmarks on the right panel allow you to quickly and easily find tools, which are now grouped by type.

    Could you please specify what are you missing from Luminar 3 interface so I can share your feedback with our tech department?

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