Unable to Import new presets into Luminar 4



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    Helga Hufflepuff

    Hello Tim,

    Please, note that the presets and looks are the same files. We did call the set of pre-applied edits "presets" in Luminar 3. Now when we have Luminar 4, presets are called looks.

    Here's a quick guide on how to install look packs in Luminar 4:

    Look packs for Luminar 4 have .mplumpack extension. Installing a look pack is simple:

    • Launch Luminar.
    • Click File > Add Luminar Looks Collection.
    • Navigate to the folder where the downloaded Look pack file (.mplumpack) is located and select it. 
    • Luminar should tell you that it has successfully installed the pack.

    Here are the video tutorials that may also be helpful:

    Hope this helps!

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