Luminar Looks Panel doesn't scroll




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    Kate Williams

    Hi Tatiana,

    In order to navigate between the looks within one collection, you can use one of the following ways: 

    1) A scrollbar (a thin grey line indicated by arrows in the screenshot: 

    2) Up and down movements of your mouse wheel

    3) Touchbar gestures (swipe left or right with two fingers on Mac, swipe up or down with two fingers on Windows)

    4) Keyboard shortcuts: 

    Select one look and then press:

    Cmd + -> for Next Look

    Cmd + <- for Previous Look

    Please try all of the above methods. If the issue persists, please contact us at for further investigation. 


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    Wow, Kate!

    1. The thin grey bar is so thin... 99.9999% invisible. I would have never known about that if not told... but it's there and it works :)

    2. The mouse wheel scroll really works well and it's very easy to do it! Didn't know about this. Uff, what a huge relief!!! :)

    Thank you very much - saved! :)



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