Can't install Lightroom Plugin




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    Helena Carter

    Hi Lance,

    Manually installing Aurora as a plugin for Lightroom should help. Here's how to do this:

    • Make sure Aurora and Lightroom are closed.
    • Download the plugin file from here (click Download in the upper right): 
    • Right-click the .zip you've downloaded > click Extract All. When prompted to specify the destination for the extracted file, click Browse. Paste the following path into the address bar in the top of the window that opens: %appdata%\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom\Modules
    • Click Select Folder and then click Extract.

    Here is the video tutorial that may also be helpful 

    Access Aurora HDR 2019 from Adobe Lightroom in the following way:

    • Right-click on the image > Export > Export to Aurora HDR 2019 > You have an option to Open Source Files or, if you've made any changes in Lightroom that you'd like to transfer over to Aurora HDR 2019, you can also choose Edit a Copy with Lightroom Adjustments.

    After applying adjustments in Aurora HDR 2019 your photo should appear in Lightroom's Catalog > All Photographs. 

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    Duke Mihajlovic

    download is a rar file, directions talk about a zip file.  please advise where to find the zip.


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    Helena Carter


    Sorry for the confusion.

    Please, check here how to extract RAR file:



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