Background remover of portraits




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    Elena Blum

    Hi Wil,

    Thanks for this suggestion. We’ve heard that request quite a bit so maybe we will do so in the future versions.I could definitely see how you would want to have a feature like that. But right now, we don’t have anything like that in place.

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    Norm Gilbert

    Photoshop or Topaz Remask AI

    You can export just the mask layer from Remask, import as an image layer in Luminar, create a luminosity mask, use it in all the different places you can use a mask.

    Or if you just want to blur the background, Topaz Remask AI does that quite nicely. Export the composite and edit in Luminar.

    Or combine the processes. 

    I wish I could upload some examples but the limit for uploads (on a PHOTO site no less) is only a measly 2 MB.

    Luminar is great and much easier to learn and use, but you still need other programs to do things that Luminar cannot as yet accomplish, like Motion Blur, Background Replace, or Edge Aware masking.

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