Luminar 3 is working much too slow - Nvidia Quadro K2200 4Gb, 16GB Ram, i7-2600 and SSD Drive




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    Kate Williams

    Hi Adam,

    Please note that at this time Luminar relies more on CPU and RAM. There's no direct way to offload the processing to GPU right now. We do hope to change that in the future and ship more performance improvements. 

    As far as I can see,  i7-2600 was issued back in the first quarter of 2011: 

    I'd recommend considering a CPU upgrade, as it's mostly processor that gets involved in the RAW file rendering right now. 

    You may also want to make sure to switch to a dedicated GPU this way: 

    Try to right-click on a Luminar 3 icon -> Run with Graphics Processor -> Your dedicated graphics card.

    See the screenshot: 

    Alternatively, you can go to Control Panel and choose NVIDIA Control Panel. Go to "Manage 3D settings" and make sure you choose the High-performance NVIDIA graphics processor. 

    The performance also depends on a number of photos in your Library and their location. Thus, another recommendation would be to keep fewer photos in one catalog and load them from your SSD. If you have a rather large library, you can divide it between several catalogs. 

    To create a new catalog, click File > Catalog > New. To switch between catalogs: File > Catalog > Open. 

    Again, let me reassure you that our team is looking for the best ways to optimize the way the resources are used and prepares new performance improvements. Stay tuned!

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    Adam Szoka

    Hi, thank You for the answer.

    Please, let me explain. Earlier, I had been using Lenovo Laptop:

    8GB RAM, graphic card Radeon R5230, Intel Core i5 4210M.

    With that configuration Luminar 3 worked quite slow.

    Recently, I've switched to a faster PC (as I mentioned before: Nvidia Quadro K2200 4GB, 16GB Ram, i7-2600, SSD Drive),

    Unfortunately, I did not notice any improvement in performance, Even if You compare only CPUs of each computer, it should be a significant step forward.

    I've checked - PC is using Luminar 3 with Nvidia Quadro K2200 Quadro (not with integrated GPU). However, while editing RAW files, the GPU is using several percents of its power. Nonetheless, You mentioned CPU as probable reason... I'd like to ask for detailed list of recommended requirements for Luminar 3 - I could not find it online.

    I don't think the CPU is the matter in this case, I'd appreciate some further feedback. Thank You in advance!








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    Jeremy Dinn

    Adam just so you are aware this software has posts of it being slow on 3000 dollar plus rigs. It just needs optimized. I love the features and how the images come out, but that is the major reason I will not upgrade to 4. I just deal with the quirks of it, and also the very slow photo export. Hope this helps. 

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    Adam Szoka

    Jeremy, thank You for the feedback. I was already afraid this aspect might be the reason. Nonetheless, Thank You! :)

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