Hintergrund automatisch maskieren?




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    Austin Miller

    Hi Andreas. Here is the guide on how to remove the background from your picture - https://skylum.com/luminar/background-remover. It is done for Luminar 3 but in Luminar 4 the workflow is practically the same.

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    Andreas Kammerlocher

    Hello Austin,

    first of all thank you very much for your answer. 

    I already know this function in luminar. 

    Is there a simple way to mask a particular colour? 

    For example: 

    I have a portrait picture with a green background, is there a function where i can 

    mask all the green colour (background) automaticly ? If this would be possible it would be 

    very easy to remove the background just by 3 clicks.


    Best regards


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    Kate Williams

    Hi Andreas, 

    Right now, we do not have a background remover / replacer feature that would work automatically in the same fashion as AI Sky Replacement. 

    For now, you'll need to mask the background manually. 

    However, I do agree that this functionality sounds exciting and would be really helpful. I'll pass your suggestion to the team in charge for further discussion. 

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