Canon 2000D raw file support




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    Victoria Grace

    Hi Taik,

    This camera is not yet officially supported by our apps. Thus, you may experience some performance issues while adding your images to them.

    For now, we recommend you to install Adobe DNG Converter and convert your RAW files to DNG file format (which is supported by Luminar and Aurora HDR). 

    Please use one of the links below to download Adobe DNG Converter:

    For Mac OS: 

    For Windows: 

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    david pop

    Unfortunately the dng converter isnt working for me either, brings me to the adobe website.

    Will this update ever come to luminar 4 considering the new luminar AI version?

    I just bought luminar 4 so its like i said very unfortunately

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    Kate Williams

    Hi David,

    To download the DNG converter, please follow this link: 

    Click on the Proceed to Download button: 

    I've just tested the link and was able to download the converter just fine. 

    At the moment, we have no ETA for this particular camera as there are some tech difficulties with the implementation of its support. Thus, unfortunately, we cannot state for sure whether it will be added either to Luminar 4 or Luminar AI in the nearest future.

    If converting the photos with a DNG converter for the time being is not a feasible solution for you, please reach our team at to request a refund for your Luminar 4 purchase. 


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