Thanks for the update to version 4.2 – but where's the speed increase?




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    John Anderson

    Agreed! I guess the surprise art features are nice, but DAM still isn't up to snuff on what was advertised with Luminar 3. For me, Luminar just ended up being a plugin for doing artsy things, but apparently their roadmap isn't going to happen for the practical stuff.

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    Colin Grant

    It is certainly performing better on my iMac (2017 with 32 gig) when used with my test catalogue of 1500 images. I usually use it as a plugin to Lr/Ps and it works fine there. also There is room for improvement still but this is the first update where I have seen some significant speed increases, including a reduction in slider lag (but still some in evidence at times). The time taken to read in an image and release the sliders is still not great though, I agree.

    John Anderson what do you mean by the roadmap is not going to happen for practical stuff?

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    Kate Williams


    We've made several improvements that are aimed to increase the efficiency and speed of interaction with the machine’s processor as well as Preview Preset Multithreading specifically for Windows. 

    The RAW file rendering speed will be improved further, for sure. 


    John , for now, the plans for the nearest future include IPTC editing and a search tool. We'll add both features to Luminar 3 and Luminar 4 for free this year. Stay tuned. 

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    Hi Kate,

    your answer is the same as before, just repeating standard phrases and nebulous promises of real speed increases for RAW rendering. When will we see that? I think in a few years - maybe.

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