The import tool is broken




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    Helena Carter

    Hi Rakesh,

    Thanks for your feedback. I completely understand how important these features might be. I will make sure to forward it to our developers. However, there's no ETA yet. Please, stay tuned.

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    Bill Kyle

    I just create a bunch of untitled folders ahead in the Luminar catalog and number them. Import to one empty folder then just rename the folder to reflect the content. Whatever you like.

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    Richard Hoffman

    I am another one of those Luminar users who purchased it in part because of the promise of a usable DAM, which of course has not yet happened. I would love to purchase and use Luminar 4, and it looks like it has some great and useful features, but I'll stick with Luminar 3 (and other tools) until there is some tangible schedule for an update to the DAM functionality. 

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