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    Elena Blum

    Hi Steve,

    For now, the Channel Mixer has been removed from Luminar 4.

    As I understand it is an essential tool to create an Infrared Effect.

    If you need Channel Mixer, here's what you can do: 

    1. Open any image in Luminar 3.

    2. Apply the Channel Mixer to it.

    3. Click on the Save Luminar Look button in the bottom part of the Edit panel ( The look will be saved as a Custom Look and will be available in the section "User Luminar Looks". 

    Afterward, you may transfer this look to Luminar 4.

    1. Launch Luminar 3.
    2. Click File > Show Luminar Looks Folder.
    3. Copy .lmp file and save it somewhere where you can easily find it. 
    4. Close Luminar 3.
    5. Launch Luminar 4.
    6. Click File > Show Luminar Looks Folder.
    7. Paste the .lmp files that you saved in Step 3 into the folder that you’ve opened in Step 6. 

    You'll be able to apply the Look containing the Channel Mixer in Luminar 4 and tweak Channel Mixer which will be located in the Deprecated tab now. 

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