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    Elena Blum

    Hi Robert,

    Please note that when you export the processed image, a new file is created and it has the time when you've completed the export as a creation date. 

    However, the EXIF data of the exported image, such a capture date, should not be modified. 

    If that's not the case for you, please, send us the screenshots illustrating the issue, the original file you're working with and the processed file. 

    Also, make sure to specify how exactly you were processing the image. You can also send us a screen recording: 

    Here's how you can send us the file with the recording and the rest of the files: 

    1. Visit
    2. If it's your first time visiting this website, it might ask you to purchase a subscription. Simply select to proceed with the free version.
    3. Click Add your files.
    4. Select the file(s) on your computer.
    5. After you see all the files you need to send appear in the list, click the icon to the left of the Transfer button (the icon looks like a circle with three dots in it).
    6. In Send As select Link.
    7. Click Transfer.
    8. After the files have finished uploading, click Copy Link and paste it into the email at

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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    Robert Harbison

    OK, I've found the problem. 

    How it behaves depends entirely on how you launch Aurora HDR from Lightroom. 

    If you right click on the image in the library, pull up the "Edit In" dialog, and choose "Aurora HDR" two things go weird.
    1) The file name is simply DSC_1234-2.tif 
    2) The Capture Date changes to today's date.
    Other than that, things work as expected from what I can see.

    Now, click on the exact same image in Lightroom and choose "Export with preset".
    1) File name saves as "DSC_1234_AuroraHDR2019-edit.tif"
    2) Capture Date remains accurate. 

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    Steve Dattilo

    Elana did you ever find an answer for Robert how to fix this.  Same issue here.   Select 5 bracketed photos,  Select Edit In -> Aurora HDR,   build the hdr,  then hit apply.   Photo goes back into the proper folder in Lightroom (Classic) that the other 5 originals are in, but it goes back with today's date and time as the capture time.

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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Steve,

    Please try using right-click > Export > Aurora HDR rather than Edit In. This should preserve the capture date. If the problem persists, please contact us at so we can further investigate.

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