Sky Replacement in Luminar 4.1 changes colors of foreground




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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Glen,

    The automatic "Relighting" of the scene is intended to make the foreground match the sky in a natural way. You can increase or decrease the amount of the Relighting using the slider, but it does not fully remove the effect, even at 0. In most cases, I find that I like the result of a bit of relighting, but if it isn't to your taste you can use the masking brush to refine the effect.

    In taking a close look at your images above, I am noticing what appears to be some sky bleeding through onto the dolphins - this can usually be corrected with the Sky Global, Sky Local, and Close Gaps sliders. Again, you may need to refine the result with a masking brush, depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

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    Tom Pickering

    Glen -

    Part of the mechanics of what the AI Sky Replacement does involves blend modes, which means you'll also need to work with all the sliders, including those under Advanced to try and compensate.

    To illustrate better what the AI Sky Replacement does, here's what happens when a sky is replaced with a file with only green (Chroma Key):

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