L4 and Facebook - Part II




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    Anastasia Davis

    Hi! Once again, we do not share your personal data with any third-party companies. We are collecting data in order to identify the crashes and improve the product for you. As we mentioned, everything is stated in the license agreement. If you have any further questions please reach our support team: support@skylum.com

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    Guy Meacham

    Par for the course, Anna V didn't even answer any of the questions asked in that thread just the generic dont worry response then closed it down, I'm sure this one will be closed down too as soon as she sees it. Before that let me just say that if I pay for software I expect to be given the option to participate or not. In just about every other piece of software I've paid for and a bunch of free stuff I am given that option to participate or not in data analytics, Telling me it's OK because it's burried in the 4pt font user agreement doesn't cut it.

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