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    Kate Williams

    Hi Kenneth, 

    Having reviewed your activity on this account, I can see that all of the posts were addressed by my colleagues. 

    To answer your questions: 

    1. Luminar 4 on Mac and Windows have roughly the same interface. The only differences between them are dictated either by the peculiarities of the OS or by some of the functionality differences that are currently present. 

    2. Looking at your previous comments, I assume that you're referring to the Undo / Redo in Erase and Clone and Stamp tools.
    Please note that there are some tech difficulties with the implementation of this functionality on Windows, thus it may take some time before the feature gets implemented. 

    Nevertheless, our team is already getting there - our devs are working on adding undo / redo in the mask mode. Thus, it's just a matter of time until undo / redo in Clone/Stamp and Erase are implemented. 

    Stay tuned! 

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    Reiner Unke

    Hi Kate,


    This issue is open for 2 years and probably longer now. We window users pay for the same features as the Mac users do so we have the right to get them. The lasso tool is also missing in the clone and stamp environment.

    The complete functionality is shown in your commercial video. This was one of my reasons to buy the software but now this key feature is missing. I'm totally disappointed!

    The clone and stamp tool is a very powerful feature but it is totally useless when the undo/redo functionality is not present.


    Please put more pressure on this feature. It's absolutely necessary.




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    Kate Williams

    Hi Reiner, 

    We're on our way to implement this functionality, as the local history that in the long-term perspective will allow you to undo/redo in Erase or Clone and Stamp is already in the works.

    The first step for that is to implement undo / redo in the mask mode, and there's a progress in this task. 

    As for lasso in Clone and Stamp tool: this feature is currently missing in both versions. I'll let our team know that you'd like to see it. 


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    Kenneth Comben

    Hi Kate Williams

    Yousaid 3 months ago that it was being attended to (Ctrl Z function) but still no update.

    I have posted severalm mtime from day one of release of L4

    Thgis is not a luxury addon that we are asking for it's Just an important issue that needs Fixing, i can't help feeling that if it was the Mac version that it was missing from you would have3 fixed it preety dammed quickly.

    this is not a dig at you personaly but to the dev team. come on guys pull your fingers out.


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