Disappears all the time.




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    Helena Carter

    Hi Everyone,

    We'd really want to investigate the issue. Please, reach us via https://skylum.com/support so we could assist you in a better way.

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    Dan Jacobs

    I've run into the same problem. From what I can tell it seems to be related to the processing of .DNG format files.

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    Ian Murrell

    Dan Jacobs

    DNG - possibly, but I'm not having any issues with DNG images here.

    If it is DNG, then the origin of the DNG images that you are  opening when this occurs might be relevant. Are they ex camera DNG's, perhaps from a smart phone, or have they been software converted from a particular RAW format?. The DNG's I have here were converted from a number of different format RAW files (NEF, ARW, CR2) by Adobe DNG converter,

    It would also be interesting to know when this happens whether you are opening Luminar as a plug in from a host editor, or using it free standing?, 

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