How I sped up Luminar V4.1.0(5191) on Windows 10 64 bit


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    Jack Leslie

    Another hardware improvement:

    In another post someone suggested changing your video card settings to ensure that Luminar runs on the video card processor.  

    This seems to have helped speed up the rendering of the image when making edits. Sometimes now the image actually changes as I move a slider, or at least the “Image Processing” message in the lower left of the screen seems to go away quicker. 

    On my laptop, all I had to do to change this was right click on the screen and click on the NVIDIA control panel and go to the software tab. 

    Luminar did freeze my laptop last night (2nd time since above changes) so the price of this change might be increased instability. I’ll have to see how this performs over the long term. 


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