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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Carl,

    Was the email you received a notification for our forums? If so, it would seem that you are subscribed to topic board here in the forum, rather than to just specific posts that you create or comment on.

    We did have a couple of spam posts that made it past our automatic spam filter earlier today that I believe were about the topic you mentioned. They have since been blocked and deleted.

    If you are subscribed to a topic, you'll get notifications for every new post in that topic, which can unfortunately sometimes include spam. Your personal contact info was in no way affected or obtained by the third party that created the spam, it was just an automatic notification that there was a new post.

    If the email you received was not a notification from the forum, please forward it to and we'll look into it straightaway.

    Either way, we apologize for the issue and will do our best to resolve it. 

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