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    Ian Murrell

    Rob Alfieri,

    Rob, how would that work?

    As I see it, that would make individual looks both camera and lens dependent.

    Wouldn't that potentially be an issue for those of us using  multiple cameras and lenses?

    When I tick.Auto Distortion Correction (and to me that should be the default for Raw photos), I expect Luminar to automatically apply the necessary correcrtions based on the camera model and lens model details from Exif, and I wouldn't want that to be subsequently over-ridden by a choice of a look that may have been based on a different camera or lens.

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    Kate Williams

    Hi Rob,

    The automatic settings (i.e. the checkboxes) are indeed not preserved for the reasons outlined in Ian's comment. 

    However, if you use the "Lens Distortion" slider, this setting is saved as a Look or allows syncing between the photos. 

    Thus, if you're working on a batch of photos that were taken with the same lens and have more or less the same distortion, you can correct it with the corresponding slider and then simply sync the adjustment between several photos. 

    How to do it: 

    1. Apply the necessary edits to one of the images. 

    2. Right-click it and select Adjustments>Copy Adjustments. 

    3. While holding CTRL button on your keyboard, multi-select the images which you would like to edit in the same way 

    4. Right-click one of the selected images and choose Adjustments > Synch/ Paste Adjustments. 

    You will be able to export several images by multi-selecting them > right-clicking one of them > choosing Export. You may want to try exporting in smaller parts. 

    You may check this video:  to see how easy it is. 






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    Rob Alfieri

    Thanks for the response, Kate Williams. I'm not a fan of having to take extra manual steps after getting everything set just right for a specific setting/camera. Most of the leading photo management solutions have the ability to save every adjustment set into a preset/look.

    Ian Murrell - My thinking was that anything I had set on a photograph would be saved with the look. That way I can use it for a specific camera without having to apply a look and subsequent changes as described by Skylum. I use other photo management software that does this as well (e.g. Lightroom, DXO, etc.).


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    Rens Klaverstijn

    I agree with Rob. I discovered that every RW2 raw-file of my Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 2 camera had to be corrected with the Lens & Geometry tool of Luminar 4.2.0. So I created a look with the name Lumix FZ10002 standard and expected that the automatic correction functions of the Lens & Geometry tool would be included too. That was not the case.

    It is a pity that I have to make several steps (like Kate described) to correct my RAW files instead of using one look/preset.

    I read that RW2 files contain the lens correction information. If that is the case then Luminar 4 should use this build in info

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