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    Kate Williams


    I appreciate your comments and suggestions! :) 

    The new features, such as Portrait Enhancer and AI Skin Enhancer, AI Sky Replacement, AI Structure are and will be unique to Luminar 4. 

    As for the new UI: we're collecting the customers' feedback regarding the changes that were made.
    Please note that the UI changes were a conscious decision aimed at speeding up the image processing workflow and removing the clutter of small filters. 

    In Luminar 4, the right-panel tabs group the tools by type:

    Essentials – The main tools for color correction and tone correction as well as for RAW processing
    Creative – Creative photo processing tools
    Portrait – Tools for working with portraits
    Professional – More sophisticated tools for finer adjustments

    To get accustomed to the UI changes faster, I can recommend you to check out this table of correspondence between Luminar 3 and Luminar 4 filters. 


    As for the integration of Aurora HDR and Luminar into one application - that's an excellent suggestion. This is something that we were discussing internally.
    Our main aim is to make Luminar a tool that will bring our artists' creativity to a new level, so merging both apps would surely be a great boost. In the short-term period,  this integration will not be implemented, however, in the long-term perspective, this will be definitely considered for future development.  Stay tuned! 

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