luminar 4.1 masks : edge detection brush and o key




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    Kate Williams

    Hi Marc,

    1. In terms of edge detection in mask brush, this feature is the backlog of the requested functionality. Right now, we're looking for the best way to speed up the editing process with the help of AI-powered tools, therefore, this feature is currently not in our focus. Nevertheless, we are innovative, ‘space-age’ variety enterprise, so you may see this or other imaginative introductions in our products, and we hope you’ll be with us to see them!

    2. Currently, our apps work mainly with an English (US) keyboard layout. However, we're collecting the feedback regarding the way the shortcuts work on other keyboards and review them together with our QA team. I'll share your suggestion with the team in charge. You can review currently available shortcuts here: 

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    marc labro

    Thank you Kate,

    I am fan of IA tools but please don't forget to provide "human interface" to manually fine tune what IA missed.

    many people are using lightroom and photoshop without using any IA and it works nicely and fluently after some training.

    having freedom of guides, layers, blend mode, brush, wacom, luinosity masking makes photoshop more powerful than Luminar 4.

    I had better resuts with Luminar 3 than with L4 (except AI structure, AI portrait and sky replacement).


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    I have the same issue with the french canadien keyboard and its really annoying.

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