Lumina 4 Mac OS Catilina & Higth Sierra



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    Victoria Grace

    Hi Giuseppe,

    Please, try to remove your catalog:

    1. Make sure Luminar is closed.
    2. Locate your Luminar Catalog 4 folder. The default location is C:\Users\%username%\Pictures\. If you specified a custom location for your catalog, search your custom location.
    3. Rename the Luminar Catalog 4 folder. Choose any name you like.

    Note that the albums you created in Luminar and edits you made will not be accessible in Luminar after you've renamed the catalog folder. They will still be saved on your hard drive should you need to access them in the future. Your photos on disk won't be affected in any way.

    If the issue persists, please, reach us at and we'll be able to have a deeper look into this issue.

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