Luminar 4.1 slow or even slower?!?




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    Marco Polano

    I have similar experience with Luminar 4.1 --> improved stability, bad performance.

    My problem is with .cr2 RAW images 30-40MB size that take at least 15-20s before I can start working on them.
    This is the CPU utilization during that time (each unit is 3s) :

    These are the specs of my PC:

    OS: Windows 10 vers. 1903
    RAM: 8GB
    System Disk: 256GB SSD Samsung EVO
    Processor: i5-3340 @ 3.1GHz
    Graphic Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 (2GB dedicated memory)

    Actually Luminar is installed on a HDD while placing photos on HDD or SSD doesn't seem to affect performance.



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    Same performance issue with Win10 1909, Core I7 860, 16 Go RAM, GTX 1060 3Go, SSD and EOS 80D RAW file.

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    Vita Bergman

    Hi everyone!

    Please reach out to our support team and we will investigate.

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    Rob Strower

    Check if you have many looks shown at the bottom of the screen.

    Those really take a good amount of calculations for the prerendering.

    I start editing and opening RAWs (24Mp) with 3 looks open.

    And as always, if you have many filters active for (re)editing pics those take a serious amount of time as well.

    Zooming in recalculates all the active filters every and each time. The more you changed the more CPU time it takes.

    All the best,


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    O. Jung

    Hi Robin and thanks for the advice.

    Unfortunately I do not have any looks open, so this can´t be the reason for the bad performance. My RAW files are  42Mp at about 40 MB but I can´t believe Luminar is working correctly with this "speed"

    FYI, my computer is a i5 - 9400F CPU @ 2.90 GHz; 16GB RAM; NVIDIA GeForce GTX1650


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    Rob Alfieri

    Same here. I tried creating a catalog for 700 photos for 1 folder on an SSD. While the update has improved Luminar 4's performance, it is still slow enough to be frustrating. It has crashed once so far as well. I hope that Skylum can fix these performance issues. I have a very powerful i7 and other photo suites do not have the same processing issues. 

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    Kate Williams

    Hi Rob, 

    I've replied to your post here:

    Please avoid duplicating posts / comments. 

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    Jacek Klimkowicz

    I am slightly disappointed in terms of performance. Maybe my working station is not top-notch but it seems to meet requirements.

    • Ryzen 5 3600 with efficient custom cooling - holds 4,0 GHz on all cores if necessary all the time;
    • 64 GB DDR4-3200 working in sync mode with Infinity Fabric bus;
    • 2 x 512 GB SSD NVMe with 3,3 GB/s reading and 2,3 GB/s writing performance;
    • GeForce GTX 1660 with 6 GB VRAM;
    • Windows 10 with the latest updates.

    This is what happens when I try to browse photos already opened:

    When exporting 24 Mpix RAW photos to JPEG it takes 3-5 seconds for each one. What more - it consumes a lot of RAM. While working on my latest session, I had even 17-18 GB RAM used while exporting a single RAW photo.

    Adjustment sliders also don't work with real-time preview in many cases. I work in the IT industry (software development) and I am aware of how complex refactoring and optimizing could be. But it is still sad, that software is buggy and slow on launch (crashed me over 10 times without any message when tried to process about 30 photos one by one) and after the update, it still doesn't catch up the competitors.

    I appreciate brilliant features (kudos for that!) but because of fluency and overall comfort of work I've started looking around and consider buying other software. It costs more but... it works way smoother on a far weaker machine than mine.

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