Mein Tip: If you have problems with the performance of Luminar, do not write a new post.




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    Kate Williams

    Wolfgang, the performance-related issues have been addressed in hundreds of threads in this forum, and we've provided a clear statement / instructions in every single one of them. 

    As I have already told you in one of the previous threads, we close the threads that were already discussed or where there is a clear instruction of what needs to be done. 

    If you're experiencing performance issues in Luminar 4.1.0, please, get in touch with our team at

    If you're unsatisfied with how the software works for you, you can always request a refund via the form below. 

    Hope for your understanding. 

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    Egidio Leitao

    That happens when one does not have an impartial forum. I personally do not have any issues with Luminar 4 (so far, should I say?).  However, this is the company's forum. They control its content. Just my two cents...

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