Version 4.1 eraser/controls bug




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    Kate Williams

    Hi Dieter,

    Please note that when you are using an Erase tool, a new layer is created. The values of the sliders on this layer are the default ones. 

    Nevertheless, if you open the Layers menu and reopen the original layer where you were performing your adjustments, you will be able to see the tools with the values which you've set. 


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    Dieter Neitsch

    Hi Kate, but what is the most sensible workflow for image editing now? First the image adjustments on the image level or first erase / clone and then continue on the top level - does that make sense? Does this affect image quality?
    I look forward to a well-founded answer with an explanation.
    Regards Dieter

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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Dieter,

    My preferred workflow is to do basic raw adjustments on the base layer, then do my erase/clone layers, and finally add adjustment layers as necessary for my stylistic edits.

    That way I can go back and adjust my stylized settings if desired without having to recreate the clone/erase steps.

    Adding additional layers doesn't have any adverse effect on image quality.

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